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Laurel Burch Spectacular Sun Needlepoint Canvas
I use words like *spectacular* sparingly, too muc of such a word diminishes it's impact. However, for this new 2015 design Laurel Burch canvas, it applies and then some. This hand painted canvas has13 colors, I know it seems like more because of how colorful it is but it is 16 colors plus Gold Metallic. The design area measures 14 X 14 inches. The entire canvas measures 18.5 X 18.5 inches, it is 18 mesh. What a spectacular (there's that word again) pillow or framed piece this would ... More Info
Price: $265.00
West Highland Terrier "Westie" Needlepoint Kit
This adorable Wesie is from Pajamas & Chocolate's wonderful Colorful Animals Series. His ears are perked up as is his tail. There are 18 colors used in this canvas. The design area measures 8 x 8.5 inches. The entire canvas is 11 X 11.5 inches. It is 18 mesh. I have assembled this kit using Anchor & DMC #8 size Perle Cotton Thread. #8 floss is wonderful for stitching 18 or smaller mesh canvas. It slides through with no pulling and little knotting. I usually suggest stitching ... More Info
Price: $112.00
A - Z of Needlepoint
This is the new, revised & re-issued edition of The A-Z of Needlepoint now offered by Search Press Classics. I can't tell you how much of this revised edition is similar to the previous Country Bumpkin Press edition. In paging through it looks much the same. There are pluses & minuses to this . The price is considerably less but there is no handy, lay-flat spiral binding. Sue Gardner's County Bumpkin A-Z books are the cornerstone of every stitchers library. This book is right up ... More Info
Price: $19.95
Three Dimensional Flowers in Ribbon & Fabric by Joyce Randall
This is a new book but I think it has been on the distributors shelves for some time now. It is clearly not used, the covers are fine with no edge wear and the spine is pristine but the inside cover pages appear somewhat darkened by age. The edges of each heavy weight paper page have a smilier appearance. This could be the way the printers meant them to look and I am too attuned to rare books and see the color as aged. I do know the book was published in 1997 and that is 18 years ago. ... More Info
Price: $22.00
Craigsville, Cape Cod Beach House Needlepoint Canvas
It is early September and the beginning of the end of summer. Melinda McAra's hand painted Craigsville, Cape Cod House evokes all sorts of sunny summer memories for me. I think stitching it in winter would be great. Cape Cod Beach House is an original design needlepoint by Melinda McAra who lives on Cape Cod. She is the designer of all those wonderful BaseBall Stadiums & Teams canvases I carry as well as the 4 Beginner's Hydrangea canvases. I have come to really admire her work. The ... More Info
Price: $105.00
Celtic & Medieval Alphabets by Dan X. Solo
I am very impressed with this book, This comprehensive reference book has 53 Complete Fonts. That means that each & every letter for 53 different alphabets are here. The sizes vary as do the style and look of the letters within the Celtic & Medieval. These fonts can be used for Embroidery, Cross-Stitch, Needlepoint or just about any lettering purpose. The author has selected and arranged these fonts, by type, from the SoloType Typographers Catalog. Quoted from the back cover : ... More Info
Price: $10.95
Laurel Burch Mikayla Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
A spectacular new needlepoint design from Laurel Burch Studio. Mikayla is amazing, there are not enough ways to say this, a unique design using, by my best count, 37 colors. I am offering this canvas 3 ways. As the canvas alone. This listing is for the canvas with Jill Rigoli of Danji Design's terrific Stitch Guide. The third listing with have it as a kit with 39 skeins in 37 colors (not absolutely sure of skein numbers, I kept losing count and the doubler size balls of floss kept ... More Info
Price: $260.00
The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald
The cover picture for this book is wonderful, a bouquet of 14 very fine beaded flowers. The subtitle is; Creating Flowers with Beads & Threads. Quoting from the back cover , edited and paraphrased. " Making Flowers with tiny glass beads and thread, weaving these elements together with off-loom stitches to make 3 dimensional flowers, leaves, and garden creatures." More from the back cover "Create with a variety of stitches including brick, peyote, netting, herringbone & right-angle ... More Info
Price: $21.95
American Heart Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
I have sold a number of these iconic and handsome American Heart Needlepoint canvases over the years. I have lost track how many and am too lazy to do the research in my records to find out. This is a hand painted needlepoint canvas, an original design by Jane Wheeler. I would reuse the listing for this design but it is always slightly different, each time I order it. This is one of the best parts of hand painted needlepoint canvas. The design area measures 8 X 8 inches. The entire ... More Info
Price: $62.00
Amanda Lawford Flying Pig Needlepoint Canvas
As many of my facebook friends know, I can no longer stitch. My poor old hands have stiffened up and I can't hold a needle anymore. This is pretty much a heartbreak for me goes on (awful cliche' insertion here). This is an amazing canvas from my own private *I am going to stitch this myself* stash. I bought it from Amanda Lawford at one of the last TNNA shows they had in Baltimore. I begged Mrs, Lawford to sell it to me right off her wall and she did. (I know, buying for ... More Info
Price: $125.00
Beginner's Bee & Flower Needlepoint Kit
I think it is important to help and encourage new stitchers. I try to list some needlepoint projects that won't scare them or overwhelm them. There is no better way for a stitcher to learn to love needlepoint than a successfully stitched design. With the purchase of this kit I will include the Needlepoint Beginner's Manual I wrote: Needlepoint Stuff No One Told Me When I Knew Nothing Or The Needlepoint Diet. It is free . (and not kidding about the NP diet) This adorable bee is ... More Info
Price: $35.00
Beginner's Guide To Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Ann Cox
Ann Cox is also the author of the book A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers (which I just happen to also have in stock). It is an excellent book and has been very popular here. I first looked at this new book with high expectations. I am not disappointed. Everything in this book is easily applicable to needlepoint, it takes the complete beginner from tools & materials and the basics. Then there are 5 flower projects. The last 3 chapters were a surprise and 2 of them I had not seen ... More Info
Price: $12.95
The Emperor Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
The Emperor is a carefully Stitch Painted needlepoint canvas by Jackie Ritchey. She appears to specialize in creating these wonderful oriental and Asian influenced deigns. The Emperor is the companion canvas to the Empress, also listed here on as both a canvas and a kit. They are being sold separately. The design area is 10 X 12 inches. The entire canvas measures 14 X 16 inches, it is 18 mesh. The Emperor needlepoint uses 16 colors including quite a bit of gold ... More Info
Price: $140.00
The Empress Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
The Empress is one of a pair of wonderful hand painted needlepoint canvases by Jackie Richey. There is an Emperor design canvas too but I am selling them separately. Jackie Richey appears to specialize in this very fine Oriental and Asian influence needlepoint design. She does very nice work, this is a beautiful canvas. The design area is 10 X 12 inches. The entire canvas measures 14 X 16 inches, it is 18 mesh. The Empress Needlepoint canvas has been very carefully Stitch ... More Info
Price: $140.00
Needlepoint For Kids by June McKNight
Recently it had occurred to me that I had not sold a copy of this unique book by famous needlepoint author & teacher June McKnight. Well, just now while building the new June McKnight books category (I thought it was a good idea to have all her books in one place as well as in the various categories) I realized Needlepoint For Kids was not listed for sale in my web store. I know it used to be, I have the picture on file so what happened to the listing? I suppose I will never know ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Needlepoint Stitchery by Margaret Boyles
I know I have often mentioned Margaret Boyles many excellent book on Bargello Needlepoint. As far as I know, this is Ms. Boyles only book on regular needlepoint. This is an interesting and very forward thinking book. When it was published, in 1974, few if any other needlepoint books mentioned Decorative Stitching. Needlepoint Stitchery discusses it, in depth, as well as putting 2 versions of the same design on it's cover. One is stitched in *plain stitch* and one is done in a variety of ... More Info
Price: $28.00
*Special Price* Desert Island Stitches by Carole H. Lake & Michael E. Boren
Following up their wonderful book, Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book, Carole Lake & Michael Boren have just released another new book. Desert Island Stitches: Volume 1 of their Take-Along Books For Painted Canvas Embellishment Series. This book is Ideas For Small Spaces. They plan a series of Take-Along Books for Painted Canvas and indeed this book is the perfect size for slipping into your needlepoint tote bag (or if you, like me, keep each project in it's own tote bag to ... More Info
Price: $18.00
Charted Borders, Bands and Corners by Sandra Urban
As many of you know by now, I have had to give up stitching, my hands just won't do it anymore. This is a real loss to me but something of a benefit for my customers. I am selling the canvases & books I have in my own collection. This book was one I kept for myself. I love to do borders and corners on the needlepoint and especially the Bargello Needlepoint I stitched. The problem is, I am bad at corners. I rarely get them right on the first try (or 2nd or....) This book was a big ... More Info
Price: $18.00
Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book by Carole Lake & Michael Boren
This excellent new book is in stock for immediate delivery. I have had a chance to look through the book, I think this is a very useful book. It begins with instructions on how to use the book, then a glossary of terms (I too am sometimes confused by terms used. How many of us know the difference between Filament silk & Chinese silk thread? Not me) Then there is a large section describing, in detail, each kind of thread (would you know what "Pepper Pot Silk* or "Treenway Serenity" ... More Info
Price: $34.99