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Laurel Burch Mikayla Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
A spectacular new needlepoint design from Laurel Burch Studio. Mikayla is amazing, there are not enough ways to say this, a unique design using, by my best count, 37 colors. I am offering this canvas 3 ways. As the canvas alone. This listing is for the canvas with Jill Rigoli of Danji Design's terrific Stitch Guide. The third listing with have it as a kit with 39 skeins in 37 colors (not absolutely sure of skein numbers, I kept losing count and the doubler size balls of floss kept ... More Info
Price: $260.00
Stitches A La Carte by Lynda Richardson
This book was a runaway hit at the 2014 Destination Dallas show. I sold my first copies in less than 2 weeks. I think this book might be a hit. This is the only book about this specific kind of stitching that I know of. The author, Lynda Richardson, who know way more about this than I do, confirms that this is the only book that addresses open work backgrounds in any detail & depth. The stitches in this collection are intended to be used as background stitches. There are (by my ... More Info
Price: $28.00
Pekingese Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas
I am quite taken with the way the colors are used, they way the colors are combined in this handsome Hand Painted Pekingese Dog. Another fine Colorful Animal needlepoint design from Pajamas & Chocolate. I love the top-knot. Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of Patt & Lee's well-known, original and colorful work. The design area is 7 X 6 inches, the entire canvas is 9.75 X 9.25 inches. it is 18 mesh mono ... More Info
Price: $59.00
Maggie Hand Painted Flowers Needlepoint Kit
Before I began I has losts of free time to stitch. This is the last canvas from my own collection of Needlepoint Canvases I was going to stitch myself. I obviously love this design since I have held on to it for 2.5 years since I began my web store. This is a gorgeous and very unusual Maggie Design needlepoint of groups of flowers, hand painted by Joseph M. Dunn. This amazing design uses 20 colors. The design is all over the canvas, the only backgound is the taupe ... More Info
Price: $155.00
IN STOCK: The Needlework Doctor by Mary Kay Davis
Last summer I did an article for Needlepoint Now magazine on The Needlework Doctor. At the time I had around 25 copies, laboriously collected over the previous months. The demand for this book was overwhelming. I sold my whole stock in just a few days, I even sold my own copy. When I tried to find more copies of this rare and important book I found that "the rare book market" had noticed what I was doing. The price for copies of this book skyrocketed. We are talking hundreds to ... More Info
Price: $60.00
Desert Island Stitches by Carole H. Lake & Michael E. Boren
Following up their wonderful book, Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book, Carole Lake & Michael Boren have just released another new book. Desert Island Stitches: Volume 1 of their Take-Along Books For Painted Canvas Embellishment Series. This book is Ideas For Small Spaces. They plan a series of Take-Along Books for Painted Canvas and indeed this book is the perfect size for slipping into your needlepoint tote bag (or if you, like me, keep each project in it's own tote bag to ... More Info
Price: $28.00
Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book by Carole Lake & Michael Boren
This excellent new book is in stock for immediate delivery. I have had a chance to look through the book, I think this is a very useful book. It begins with instructions on how to use the book, then a glossary of terms (I too am sometimes confused by terms used. How many of us know the difference between Filament silk & Chinese silk thread? Not me) Then there is a large section describing, in detail, each kind of thread (would you know what "Pepper Pot Silk* or "Treenway Serenity" ... More Info
Price: $34.99
Beginner's Bee & Flower Needlepoint Kit
I think it is important to help and encourage new stitchers. I try to list some needlepoint projects that won't scare them or overwhelm them. There is no better way for a stitcher to learn to love needlepoint than a successfully stitched design. With the purchase of this kit I will include the Needlepoint Beginner's Manual I wrote: Needlepoint Stuff No One Told Me When I Knew Nothing Or The Needlepoint Diet. It is free . (and not kidding about the NP diet) This adorable bee is ... More Info
Price: $35.00
Craigsville, Cape Cod Beach House Needlepoint Kit
It is early September and the beginning of the end of summer. Melinda McAra's hand painted Craigsville, Cape Cod House evokes all sorts of summer memories for me. I think stitching it come winter would be great. Cape Cod Beach House is an original design needlepoint by Melinda McAra who lives on Cape Cod. She is the designer of all those wonderful BaseBall Stadiums & Teams canvases I carry as well as the 4 Beginner's Hydrangea canvases. I have come to really admire her work. The ... More Info
Price: $143.00
Birds and Beasts in Needlepoint by Hugh Erhman and Elizabeth Benn
26 original designs by Kaffee Fasset, Susan Duckworth, Candace Bahouth and others. (I am quoting from the cover). This is a large handsome book. Again quoting from the dust jacket flaps. "This glorious collection of traditional and contemporary designs includes both Needlepoint & Crewel." This is, as well, a very rare book. It was hard to find a copy in good condition In paging through this wonderful book, I do not see any Crewel Work designs, they all appear to be Needlepoint but I ... More Info
Price: $35.00
A - Z of Needlepoint by Sue Gardner
When I ordered this book for my web store, I assumed it was just out-of-stock and I was re-ordering it. When I went to re-open the listing I was sure I had I was amazed to discover that had never listed this book before. What was I thinking? Sue Gardner's County Bumpkin A-Z books are the cornerstone of every stitchers library. This book is right up there in importance with Jo Ippolito Christensen's The Needlepoint Book. There are a number of different ... More Info
Price: $37.00
Laurel Burch Umbrella Cats Needlepoint Canvas
I am not usually a fan of black canvas needlepoint designs but I make an exception for this one. Laurel Burch's rich jewel tone colors will shine out and be enhanced by the dark background. There are 2 cats, I assume from their colors, a boy & a girl, sitting under a colorful umbrella. As always Laurel's color use is wonderful and her design is amusing. The hand painted design uses 10 colors including the gold which can be either Metallic Gold or gold color floss or yarn. The design ... More Info
Price: $78.00
Decorative Alphabets and Initials edited by Alexander Nesbit
On the cover of this book it says that all the designs are Copy_right Free. 123 Plates, 91 Complete Alphabets, 3,924 Initials. It goes on to say, on the back cover, that when you buy this book, you are also buying the right to use any Alphabet or Initial(s) in the book free of charge, without asking permission. The Alphabets here were found in rare, out-of-print books/ They are reproduced directly from their source, so they will again reproduce well. Decorative Alphabets and ... More Info
Price: $15.95
Bargello: An Explosion in Color by Margaret Boyles
If you have read many of the used book listings here you know I taught myself Needlepoint & Bargello Needlepoint from books. This is the #1 book that taught me to stitch, and stitch correctly, Bargello Needlepoint. Margaret Boyles is a Master Teacher, her directions are concise and clear. her graphs are in full color and good size you don't have to peer at them with a magnifying glass. I always have trouble finding this book in good condition or even decent condition. Each time I ... More Info
Price: $66.00
Cat Needs His Coffee Needlepoint Kit
This is the first needlepoint canvas I bought from Patt & Lee Designs. I was immediately taken with the cat's "world weary" look and attitude. Or maybe he just needs his first cup of coffee in the morning. Cat With His Coffee measures 9 X 9 inched, the design area is 5.75 X 6 inches. He is 18 mesh. Patt stitched Cat with his Coffee as a sample. She has given me a picture of it to use here, to show you all how this great canvas can look. Patt is, clearly, a talented and creative ... More Info
Price: $68.00
Wildflower Embroidery by Annette Rich
Another terrific book from Sally Milner's Milner Craft Series from Australia. As many of you know, I really dislike using the word "craft" about what I consider to be the Art of Needlepoint but I make an exception here. The Milner books are excellent stitchery references. Do not be put off by the title of this book, although it says "embroidery" all of the stitches & techniques in Wildflower Embroidery can (and should) be used for Needlepoint, as well. I want to show you, close up, ... More Info
Price: $13.00
Stitcher's Belt Needlepoint Kit
This belt is the my favorite of my small Hand Painted Needlepoint Belt collection. It is an original design by Danji Designs. Danji Designs was begun by Jill Rigoli and then her daughter, Rachel, joined her in the business. I think they are doing some of the best needlepoint design out there, consistently well done. The Stitcher's Belt uses 10 colors. The design area measures 32 X 2 inches. The entire canvas measures 40 X 4 inches. As you can see, there is room is to size it up, if ... More Info
Price: $93.00