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Martin Leman's Needlepoint Cats by Martin Leman & Jill Lehman
These are wonderful cats. The Needlepoint Designs are by Jill Leman from paintings by Martin Leman, her father. Jill Leman is an extraordinary needlepointed. This is a very nice book with just wonderful cats to stitch. There is a close up of one of the stitched cats on the title page. The stitching is Tent Stitch and Basketweave Stitch (which still have their places in the needlepoint world, it is not all decorative stitches...yet). Her stitching is perfect, her tension is ... More Info
Price: $20.00
Day at the Beach Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas
I love this needlepoint design. It is an original by MAYO Designs. I had been eyeing this for a while now on my wholesaler's web site. I finally ordered it and then had to wait an extra long time to get it. The wait was well worth it. If you love this, I suggest you buy it since I am thinking of keeping it to stitch myself. Of course, if you do buy it, I could always order another for myself..that pretty much takes the teeth out of my pushy salesmanship, doesn't it? This ... More Info
Price: $165.00
The Original Stitches To Go by Suzanne Howren & Beth Robertson
Suzanne Howren & Beth Robertson are the authors of many fine needlework books including the 3 book Stitches For Effect series. In the introduction they say "This little book was created in response to many requests from friends & students who wanted a more compact version of our books Stitches For Effect, More Stitches For Effect & Even More Stitches for Effect. The title, Stitches To Go says it all, these are just the stitches. In a format for use when you are "on the go"". Stitches ... More Info
Price: $32.00
Knots, Fur & Turkey Work by Meredith Barnhill Willett & Beth Robertson.
The title of this book interested me. I recognized the name of the co-author, Beth Robertson. She is the co-author, with Suzanne Howren, of many very good needlepoint books including the 3 books in the Stitches For Effect series and Stitches To Go. The book begins with a basic * Getting Started* page and then goes right into Knots. There are 21 Knot Stitches or variations of Knot Stitches. Each suggested stitch comes with very clear Instructions and a line drawing showing you the ... More Info
Price: $32.00
Laurel Burch Indigo Cats Needlepoint Kit
I usually sell these canvases as kits or the canvas alone but this handsome design uses so many blues it challenged my enormous inventory of colors to come up with the right shades. I thought, perhaps, I should list this just as a kit. Intdigo Cats is an original, hand painted Laurel Burch design. it is hand signed by Ms. Burch. The design area measures 11 X 14.25 inches. The entire canvas is 15 X 18 inches. It is 14 mesh. I have assembled this kit using DMC #5 Perle Cotton Floss ... More Info
Price: $190.00
The Complete Needlepoint Course by Anna Pearson
The subtitle of this book is: Develop and perfect your stitching skills with over 20 step-by-step projects featuring traditional and innovative designs on canvas. The cover of this book is interesting for an interesting reason. This book was first published in 1991, most instruction books then used and show wool yarns mostly or exclusively. This book's cover has skeins of both wool and cotton floss. That is a good sign, in my opinion. Quoting from the back cover "Teaches a ... More Info
Price: $27.95
Labrador Retriever Needlepoint Canvas
Previously I sold several of Pajamas & Chocolate's wonderful Labrador Retriever Dog Needlepoint Canvases from their Colorful Animals series of original designs, here on Those were smaller size 18 mesh canvases. They are gone now, this is the last of Patt's wonderful full size labs (for now anyway). This is a larger canvas in 13 mesh mono canvas. Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of ... More Info
Price: $86.00
Desert Island Stitches by Carole H. Lake & Michael E. Boren
Following up their wonderful book, Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book, Carole Lake & Michael Boren have just released another new book. Desert Island Stitches: Volume 1 of their Take-Along Books For Painted Canvas Embellishment Series. This book is Ideas For Small Spaces. They plan a series of Take-Along Books for Painted Canvas and indeed this book is the perfect size for slipping into your needlepoint tote bag (or if you, like me, keep each project in it's own tote bag to ... More Info
Price: $28.00
Stitches A La Carte by Lynda Richardson
This book was a runaway hit at the 2014 Destination Dallas show. I sold my first copies in less than 2 weeks. I think this book might be a hit. This is the only book about this specific kind of stitching that I know of. The author, Lynda Richardson, who know way more about this than I do, confirms that this is the only book that addresses open work backgrounds in any detail & depth. The stitches in this collection are intended to be used as background stitches. There are (by my ... More Info
Price: $28.00
The Bargello Book by Frances Salter
I thought this book was out-of-print, I guess it was for a while. This is a new 2006 re-printing of the original 1993 classic Bargello Pattern book. I have several used or not new copies of the 1995 A & C Black, London edition of this book for sale here in my rare Bargello Books category including one Gift Quality Edition. I was under the impression that these were the only editions available. I have compared this 2006 LACIS Publications edition with my British originals and they seem ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Ewe & Eye Handpainted 4 Flowers Needlepoint Kit
Long before I knew who the designers Ewe & Eye were, I loved their work. It is very distinctive and I always knew when I saw "one of them". I am pretty sure Ewe & Eye is a division or outcropping or something, associated with Maggie & Co, the famous needlepoint design company. But I am not sure how so don't quote me. 4 Flowers is a good size 18 mesh canvas. The design area is 13.25 X 13.5 inches. The entire canvas measures 16 X 16 inches. The 4 flowers are hand painted in muted ... More Info
Price: $98.00
Chicago CUBS at Wrigley Field Needlepoint Canvas
Wrigley Field in Chicago is one of very few old iconic baseball fields left in America. Like Fenway Par, home of the Red Sox, the park is almost as much loved as the team. I have been to a game at Wrigley Field, it really is a great place to watch baseball on a summer night. Melinda McAra's has done a series of the wonderful hand painted baseball field and their teams needlepoint canvases. These are her original designs and very colorful. Although the design seems intricate and uses ... More Info
Price: $170.00
Stripe Cats Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
I love this design. This is one of Patt & Lee's most popular designs and it is easy to see why. This is a Scrap Threads Design. It is designed to be stitched with whatever you have in your threads stash. Any thread, yarn, floss or anything stitchable can and should be used. It is not necessary to follow the exact colors used for this design. In fact, this is the perfect way to "recycle" the many end skeins, hanks, cards and all the misc. stuff you have sitting around waiting to be ... More Info
Price: $73.00
Goldwork by Hazel Everett
I really like the subtitle to this book "Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration". To me, that pretty much sums up needlework. Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration but I am getting off track...again. The back cover calls the author " an exceptionally skilled gold work embroiderer" but there is nothing in this book that does not apply directly to Needlepoint, as well. The back cover goes on to say "Drawing on traditional method, she creates works that are brilliantly executed, ... More Info
Price: $29.95
IN STOCK: The Needlework Doctor by Mary Kay Davis
Last summer I did an article for Needlepoint Now magazine on The Needlework Doctor. At the time I had around 25 copies, laboriously collected over the previous months. The demand for this book was overwhelming. I sold my whole stock in just a few days, I even sold my own copy. When I tried to find more copies of this rare and important book I found that "the rare book market" had noticed what I was doing. The price for copies of this book skyrocketed. We are talking hundreds to ... More Info
Price: $60.00
Very Beginner's Hand Painted Love Kanji Needlepoint Kit
This simple and handsome handpainted needlepoint, from Danji Designs, is for the very beginning stitcher. It uses just 2 colors and is on very easy and quick to stitch 13 mesh needlepoint canvas. Your kit will include my Beginner's Guide Booklet called "Needlepoint Stuff No One Told Me When I knew Nothing". I am told it is helpful. I know it can seem daunting to someone who has never stitched before and wants to learn needlepoint. This very easy kit and directions will take you through ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Father B's 21st Century Book of Stitches
This excellent book of needlepoint stitches is mentioned in the September/October issue of Needlepoint Now. I have just received my order of new copies of this book, so I am all set to sell & ship this book with no delay. Father B is The Rev. Robert E. Blackburn. This wonderful little book began life as an assemblage of stitches developed by the ANG, the American Needlepoint Guild as the Stitch of the Month. The first edition, published in 1982 had less than 100 stitches. They ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Laurel Burch Bicycle Dog Needlepoint Kit
I special ordered this design for a customer who loves Laurel Burch needlepoint designs. When it came, I was so taken with this charming dog on his bicycle that I ordered one for my store. This is an original design, hand painted canvas from Laurel Burch Studio. The deep periwinkle and magenta dog, with his gold spots is riding a bike uphill. He is holding a bunch of pretty balloons & flowers. The sun face in the upper right hand corner of the design is a wonderful addition. There ... More Info
Price: $144.00
Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces by Katharine Ireyss
Finally back in stock, despite the existence of several newly published books on finishing, this classic book, Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces, remains a popular & asked for book. Although this book's focus is finishing and mounting finshed needlepoint projects, it also has 40 original needlepoint designs. Covered are blocking, lining, mitering corners etc. There is complete information on how to make trims of braid, cord. fringes and tassels. The book has many ... More Info
Price: $27.00