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Bargello: An Explosion in Color by Margaret Boyles
If you have read many of the used book listings here you know I taught myself Needlepoint & Bargello Needlepoint from books. This is the #1 book that taught me to stitch, and stitch correctly, Bargello Needlepoint. This book has recently come down in price, some. I am glad to be able to pass these lesser price on to you. Margaret Boyles is a Master Teacher, her directions are concise and clear. her graphs are in full color and good size you don't have to peer at them with a magnifying ... More Info
Price: $53.00
Needlework From Nature by Deborah Ann Murphy
The subtitle here is: A World of Inspirational Charted Designs For Needlepoint and Counted Cross Stitch. Charts by Beverly Zadikoff. Quoting (asnd paraphrasing) from the back cover "Needlework From Nature gives you a world of Charted Designs that have Symbolic Christian Meanings. Done in the Millefleurs Style. with careful attention to detail and magnificent color, these life like birds, insects, plants and animals are works of art that any needlepointer would like" "You'll find a ... More Info
Price: $10.00
Laurel Burch Dog Sampler Needlepoint Canvas
I have had this very good, very colorful hand painted Dog Sampler for a few months now. I go to list it and then I think maybe I will stitch it I don't list it. This has been going on for a while. I dithered with the decision so long that I missed listing it for the holiday season. Enough indecision from me. I have to admit here, not that anyone really cares. that I already have a large drawer full of canvases I mean to stitch...and then I buy more. This is an amazing ... More Info
Price: $205.00
Kirk & Hamilton Peony Needlepoint Kit
I am and have been, since I first saw one, a admirer of the Kirk & Hamilton line of hand painted needlepoint canvases. I also adore Peonies, I have planted a number of them in the small gardens around my townhouse. Back when I had big gardens, I had more peonies. That said... This is a beautiful close-up of a single Peony flower, done in shades of pink, from dark to light. There are 5 shades in the flowers including a touch of white for highlighting. The leaves are very detailed, ... More Info
Price: $110.00
Traditional Bargello by Dorothy Phelan
This is one of my favorite Bargello Needlepoint reference books. I have a few that I refer to constantly and this is one of them. This is the USA edition of another fine Batsford English Needlework book, Florentine Canvaswork. This American edition, published the same year, is the exact same book, paperbound with a different title. Dorothy Phelan's wonderful book is divided into 2 distinct parts. The first part is a study of the history and "characteristics" of this needle art and a ... More Info
Price: $28.00
IN STOCK: The Needlework Doctor by Mary Kay Davis
Last summer I did an article for Needlepoint Now magazine on The Needlework Doctor. At the time I had around 25 copies, laboriously collected over the previous months. The demand for this book was overwhelming. I sold my whole stock in just a few days, I even sold my own copy. When I tried to find more copies of this rare and important book I found that "the rare book market" had noticed what I was doing. The price for copies of this book skyrocketed. We are talking hundreds to ... More Info
Price: $48.00
Craigsville, Cape Cod Beach House Needlepoint Kit
It is early September and the beginning of the end of summer. Melinda McAra's hand painted Craigsville, Cape Cod House evokes all sorts of summer memories for me. I think stitching it come winter would be great. Cape Cod Beach House is an original design needlepoint by Melinda McAra who lives on Cape Cod. She is the designer of all those wonderful BaseBall Stadiums & Teams canvases I carry as well as the 4 Beginner's Hydrangea canvases. I have come to really admire her work. The ... More Info
Price: $150.00
14 mesh Stripe Cats Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
I love this design. This is one of Patt & Lee's most popular designs and it is easy to see why. This is a Scrap Threads Design. It is designed to be stitched with whatever you have in your threads stash. Any thread, yarn, floss or anything stitchable can and should be used. It is not necessary to follow the exact colors used for this design. In fact, this is the perfect way to "recycle" the many end skeins, hanks, cards and all the misc. stuff you have sitting around waiting to be ... More Info
Price: $73.00
Folk Art Needlepoint by Ruth Peltason
This is a handsome book, it's subtitle is: 20 Projects Adapted From Objects in the American Folk Art Museum. it would be a fine gift for any stitcher. Quoting from the back cover "Folk Art Needlepoint presents 20 projects based on objects from the collection of the American Folk Art Museum, New York, made available as patterns for the first time. Drawing inspiration from unexpected places, Ruth Peltason shares patterns for an array of Needlepoint projects that capture the essence of ... More Info
Price: $35.00
A-Z of Bead Embroidery by Sue Gardner
Country Bumpkin Publications has published, over the last few years, a very good and useful series of needlepoint & needlework books in their A to Z series. This is the 13th book in the series. Originally published in 2006, this is the latest edition re-printed in 2011 in Australia. As with all the books in the A_Z series, this is an easy to use book with 30 projects. The chapters are: Beads Other Materials Tools & Equipment Stitches & Techniques with a number of ... More Info
Price: $34.85
Pajamas & Chocolate Handsome Lab Ornament Needlepoint Kit
This wonderful Holiday Ornament is designed by Pajamas & Chocolate . Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of Patt & Lee's well-known, original and colorful work. Each of these wonderful Ornaments is based on Patt's Colorful Animals Series of original design needlepoints. This Handsome Labrador measures 4 inches across, it is on 18 mesh mono canvas. The Lab uses 16 colors. I have assembled this kit ... More Info
Price: $74.00
5000 Decorative Monograms edited by J. O'Kane
Yes, 5000 of them, subtitled for Artists and Crafyspeople. Well, I think of us Needlepointers, Cross-Stitchers, etc as creating Art, not crafts but I won't argue with the title. After all, 5000 is 5000. Quoting from the back cover "This voluminous & diversified collection contains 5000 examples of two, three & four letter combinations in a rich variety of styles. Arranged Alphabetically in columns, each series is grouped under an appropriate head" "Crowns, coronets and a number of ... More Info
Price: $17.95
The Best Bargello Book by June McKnight
I think these books by June McKnight are terrific. She is a great Needlepoint Teacher and her books explain & show you exactly what she intends to, no muss, no fuss. Still, I have to take exception to her title "The Best Bargello Book". It is, indeed a very good, even a excellent Bargello Book, but the best? All my carping aside. This is larger then the usual June McKnight books but in the same basic format. She begins at the beginning, with the canvas, goes to threads, the first ... More Info
Price: $48.00
Uncle Sam Santa Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
This is such an unusual design. I have seen Uncle Sam Santa canvases before but never one like this.There is amazing detail in this design as well as 14 colors . This design does not have to be stitched as a round Holiday Ornament. I have included enough extra white background floss so It can also be a small needlepoint pillow or a framed picture. This is a hand painted canvas but I do not remember who the designer & artist are, if indeed I ever knew. This canvas does not include ... More Info
Price: $60.00
GOLDWORK, RSN Essential Stitch Guide by Helen McCook
The Royal School of Needlework books are some of the best needlepoint & needlework books out there. This new one is GOLDWORK by Helen McCook. I like this, it is written on the back of this (and every) book. "The Royal School of Needlework teaches Hand Embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways." 'I don't think it could be said better then that. Please take the use of *embroidery* as an all encompassing term. In the UK they often call ... More Info
Price: $21.95
American Heart Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
I have sold a number of these iconic and handsome American Heart Needlepoint canvases over the years. I have lost track how many and am too lazy to do the research in my records to find out. This is a hand painted needlepoint canvas, an original design by Jane Wheeler. I would reuse the listing for this design but it is always slightly different, each time I order it. This is one of the best parts of hand painted needlepoint canvas. The design area measures 8 X 8 inches. The entire ... More Info
Price: $62.00
Free-Form Bargello by Gigs Stevens
There are so many things I love about this book. I love the unique idea, the forms and colors used and the author's name "Gigs". On the back over is her picture, she is a good looking blonde. I imagined "Gigs" would have been more unusual looking but you never know, do you? This book was published by Charles Scribner's & sons in 1977. I think it may be unique in it's subject. It is not yet a hard to find book, but I think it is terrific. I know many people have the idea that ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Laurel Burch Spectacular Sun Needlepoint Canvas
I use words like *spectacular* sparingly, too muc of such a word diminishes it's impact. However, for this new 2015 design Laurel Burch canvas, it applies and then some. This hand painted canvas has13 colors, I know it seems like more because of how colorful it is but it is 16 colors plus Gold Metallic. The design area measures 14 X 14 inches. The entire canvas measures 18.5 X 18.5 inches, it is 18 mesh. What a spectacular (there's that word again) pillow or framed piece this would ... More Info
Price: $265.00
Dictionary of Canvas Work Stitches by Mary Rhodes
The Dictionary of Canvas Work stitches is an English Needlepoint book, published by B T Batsford LTD, London. There is always a slight difference between English and American needlepoint and there are a quite a few stitches in this book that I am not familiar with. Some I am sure I have not seen before. The book shows and graphs 250 stitches, with easy to read stitch graphs and pictures for each stitch. This is clearly a needlepoint stitch book for an advanced or experienced ... More Info
Price: $25.00