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Laurel Burch Swan Goddess Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
Suddenly, this gorgeous canvas seems to be everywhere. It is on the cover of the current issue of Needlepoint Now and it is mentioned in Jane's excellent & informative Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure Bog. (Jane tells me that the key word in her blog title is Adventure) Typical of me, I have had this canvas in stock for a little while now and have not gotten it listed yet. More evidence of my laggard ways. This is a Hand Painted extraordinary and very beautiful design by Laurel ... More Info
Price: $223.00
Pajamas & Chocolate Happy Dog Ornament
These wonderful brand new Holiday Ornament designs by Pajamas & Chocolate are being introduced at the TNNA Destination: Dallas Trade Show that is happening right now (9/7/2014). Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of Patt & Lee's well-known, original and colorful work. Each of these wonderful Ornaments is based on Patt's Colorful Animals Series of original design needlepoints. I am not sure exactly what ... More Info
Price: $46.00
Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano
Judith Baker Montano is a very well-known name in stitchery. Her books are always full of information & inspiration. In fact, the subtitle for this book is: An Illustrated Stitch Guide & Source Book of Inspiration. To quote from the back cover (edited & paraphrased) "This elegant Stitch Guide includes all the step-by-step instructions & illustrations you'll need to create masterpieces. Elegant Stitches is imaginative & adventuresome stitching for all needle artists, from beginners to ... More Info
Price: $24.95
Maggie Hand Painted Flowers Needlepoint Canvas
Before I began I has losts of free time to stitch. This is the last canvas from my own collection of Needlepoint Canvases I was going to stitch myself. I obviously love this design since I have held on to it for 2.5 years since I began my web store. This is a gorgeous and very unusual Maggie Design needlepoint of groups of flowers, hand painted by Joseph M. Dunn. This amazing design uses 20 colors. The design is all over the canvas, the only backgound is the taupe ... More Info
Price: $95.00
Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon by Di van Niekerk
As far as I am concerned, Di van Nierkerk is The Master Teacher of Ribbon Work. She has published many fine books on this fascinating subject. I believe that I carry all her current, in publication, books on this subject. As in each of her books, the directions are clear and easy to follow and the pictures are all in full color. She gives you everything you will need to complete each project: The needles you will want, in each of the sizes needed. The colors and amounts of silk ... More Info
Price: $24.95
Craigsville, Cape Cod Beach House Needlepoint Kit
It is early September and the beginning of the end of summer. Melinda McAra's hand painted Craigsville, Cape Cod House evokes all sorts of summer memories for me. I think stitching it come winter would be great. Cape Cod Beach House is an original design needlepoint by Melinda McAra who lives on Cape Cod. She is the designer of all those wonderful BaseBall Stadiums & Teams canvases I carry as well as the 4 Beginner's Hydrangea canvases. I have come to really admire her work. The ... More Info
Price: $143.00
A-Z of Bead Embroidery by Sue Gardner
Country Bumpkin Publications has published, over the last few years, a very good and useful series of needlepoint & needlework books in their A to Z series. This is the 13th book in the series. Originally published in 2006, this is the latest edition re-printed in 2011 in Australia. As with all the books in the A_Z series, this is an easy to use book with 30 projects. The chapters are: Beads Other Materials Tools & Equipment Stitches & Techniques with a number of ... More Info
Price: $34.85
Very Beginner's Hand Painted Love Kanji Needlepoint Kit
This simple and handsome handpainted needlepoint, from Danji Designs, is for the very beginning stitcher. It uses just 2 colors and is on very easy and quick to stitch 13 mesh needlepoint canvas. Your kit will include my Beginner's Guide Booklet called "Needlepoint Stuff No One Told Me When I knew Nothing". I am told it is helpful. I know it can seem daunting to someone who has never stitched before and wants to learn needlepoint. This very easy kit and directions will take you through ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Trianglepoint by Sherlee Lantz
Another great needlepoint book by Sherlee Lantz, the author of A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas. This book is subtitled "From Persian Pavilions to Op Art with One Stitch. Ms Lantz does seem to like the idea of a "pavilions". The book was published by Viking Press in 1978. This book has become harder & harder to find. I have sold many copies of it here and it is now almost impossible to find one in both good condition and not too expensive. I List this book in both the ... More Info
Price: $26.00
Christmas Bargello Medallions by June McKnight
The subtitle to this book is "And Twinkling Backgrounds". Another of Ms McKnight's wonderful book on Needlepoint & Bargello Needlepoint. According to the author, the idea for these Bargello Medallion Christmas Ornaments came from a customer who wanted to stitch each of her friends a Christmas Tree Ornament. This was the spark. Each ornament design uses 2 pages. One one side is a full color picture of the finished ornament, the other facing page has the chart. As always the charts are ... More Info
Price: $36.00
British Country House Needlepoint by Frances Kennett & Belinda Scarlett
This is a large & lovely book full of traditional designs you would associate with a Grand House in the English Countryside. The designs are gorgeous and the settings are wonderful. There is a map on the 6th page of the book showing us which houses, exactly, these designs came from. There are 15 of them spread throughout England. Most of the designs are taken from antique needlework. Each design has a full color picture of the original, very easy to read charts and a color key tied to ... More Info
Price: $22.00
The New Church Kneeler Book by Angela Dewar
Needlepoint for churches and synagogues must be a popular book subject. There are a number of books about this in print. This book is subtitled " A step-by-step guide to canvaswork kneelers". Quoting the back cover " Easy to follow step-by-step sequences illustrate how to design, embroider and make up a simple church kneeler, with practical and inspirational ideas for your own projects." The books contents include: frames & framing ideas & design canvaswork stitching transferring a ... More Info
Price: $11.95
Elizabeth's Poodle Needlepoint Kit
I would like to dedicate this listing to Elizabeth Bozievich, she is editor & publisher of Needlepoint Now magazine & a Poodle Lover. She is also my friend. I thought it was only right to put her in this charming Poodle Needlepoint listing. This is a hand painted design by Pajamas & Chocolate. Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of Patt & Lee's well-known, original and colorful work. There are an amazing 18 ... More Info
Price: $98.00
Rainbow Color Selector
A handy little tool for making harmonious color combinations. Just Pick your starting color Then Point to the chosen color with the Star on any geometric shape And Match the color value numbers for each color for it's best combination. This tool can be used for color choice for fabrics, florals, papers or paints (or needlework). it includes the Color Sense Guide. The Rainbow Color Selector is a small color wheel tool, it is brand new in a sealed plastic envelope. This tool ... More Info
Price: $7.95
Star Ornament, Design #1 Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
This small Scrap Thread design from Patt of Patt & Lee Designs has several possibilities. It can be a small needlepoint, it can be a squared off 4.5 Christmas Tree Ornament of a round Christmas Tree Ornament. Patt suggests it could be a Tree Topper too. This colorful canvas includes Patt's own Stitch Guide. She is a wonderful stitcher with a wide knowledge of stitches (unlike me, I know 2, maybe 3). I think this is a great idea. Patt had the idea to design needlepoint canvases to use ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Ewe & Eye Handpainted 4 Flowers Needlepoint Kit
Long before I knew who the designers Ewe & Eye were, I loved their work. It is very distinctive and I always knew when I saw "one of them". I am pretty sure Ewe & Eye is a division or outcropping or something, associated with Maggie & Co, the famous needlepoint design company. But I am not sure how so don't quote me. 4 Flowers is a good size 18 mesh canvas. The design area is 13.25 X 13.5 inches. The entire canvas measures 16 X 16 inches. The 4 flowers are hand painted in muted ... More Info
Price: $98.00
**ON SALE  5000 Flower & Plant Motifs w/ CD by Graham McCallum
Last time I was able to list this book (which was several years ago) it was 4000 Flower & Plant Motifs. It sold almost immediately and I was not able to find any more copies. Now, of course, I have easy too many copies. So, in time for the holidays I am seriously lowering the price of this fine design motifs book that includes a CD. This useful book was revised and published by Batsford, in the UK in 2011 and is now available again. This time it has 5000 (yes, not a typo..5 thousand) ... More Info
Price: $18.00
Uncle Sam Santa Holiday Ornament Kit
This is such an unusual design. I have seen Uncle Sam Santa canvases before but never one like this.There is amazing detail in this design as well as 14 colors . This design does not have to be stitched as a round Holiday Ornament. I have included enough extra white background floss so It can also be a small needlepoint pillow or a framed picture. This is a hand painted canvas but I do not remember who the designer & artist are, if indeed I ever knew. I have assembled this kit using ... More Info
Price: $76.00
RARE Diagonal Tent Stitch by Katharine Ireys
The books is subtitled "Some Do's and Don't Some Hints and Tricks". This is a very (very) rare book, it is to Tent Stitch what Davie Hyman's impossible to find book, The Diagonal Basetweave book is to basketweave. So many of us think we know exactly what we are doing using this absolutely basic stitch but there is so much we don't know. Katharine Ireys is author of Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces & The Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery Stitches. Both of these ... More Info
Price: $32.00
Laurel Burch Bicycle Dog Needlepoint Canvas
I special ordered this design for a customer who loves Laurel Burch needlepoint designs. When it came, I was so taken with this charming dog on his bicycle that I ordered one for my store. This is an original design, hand painted canvas from Laurel Burch Studio. The deep periwinkle and magenta dog, with his gold spots is riding a bike uphill. He is holding a bunch of pretty balloons & flowers. The sun face in the upper right hand corner of the design is a wonderful addition. There ... More Info
Price: $112.00