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AMERICA Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas
A handsome Banner shape Needlepoint Canvas from the Mary Margaret Waldock Studio. The America Letters are done in a deep navy blue and the banner is embellished with many familiar landmark scenes, historic representations and iconic images. America is a hand painted, original design needlepoint. There is Columbus' ship & the date 1492, The 1776 Flag, Johnny Appleseed's trees, The Eagle with crossed flags, Lincoln on horseback, the Statue of Liberty, the shuttle & moon landing and the ... More Info
Price: $93.00
Knots, Fur & Turkey Work by Meredith Barnhill Willett & Beth Robertson.
The title of this book interested me. I recognized the name of the co-author, Beth Robertson. She is the co-author, with Suzanne Howren, of many very good needlepoint books including the 3 books in the Stitches For Effect series and Stitches To Go. The book begins with a basic * Getting Started* page and then goes right into Knots. There are 21 Knot Stitches or variations of Knot Stitches. Each suggested stitch comes with very clear Instructions and a line drawing showing you the ... More Info
Price: $32.00
Plants & Animals in Needlepoint by June McKNight
I had not seen this June McKnight book before. it is copyrighted 1993 but perhaps not always available. It is, like the other June McKNight needlepoint books, and useful and very portable book. As I have done with some of the other June McKnight books, I think listing the chapters will give you a good idea of the contents. FOLIAGE 30 PAGES FLOWERS 36 PAGES GARDEN STRUCTURES 9 PAGES ANIMALS 10 PAGES INDEX OF TREES & FLOWERS The book is full of wonderful flower and ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Laurel Burch Mermaid Needlepoint Kit
This incredible Laurel Burch design has become iconic. It is one of the ones that everybody recognizes and loves. I can certainly see why. Mermaid is a lovely design, the many shades of blue, the colorful flowers on her tail & in her hair and her cradling the fish. This is another one I want to sneak off & add to my own private stash. If I did that every time I loved a canvas, I would have very little left to sell here. There are 6 shades of blue used here as well as a pale ... More Info
Price: $260.00
Beginners It's Always Something Needlepoint Kit
I am excited about these Beginner Needlepoint Designs Patt and I have been working on. This is the first of them and I think it is wonderful. We started with one of her excellent designs, the Shower Cat and simplified it, took out most of the exacting and difficult to stitch detail, to make this perfect for a novice needlepointer. Of course, an experienced stitcher can easily add their own details, and customize this. The design area is 7 X 8.25 inches. The entire canvas is 13 X 11 ... More Info
Price: $68.00
A Needlepoint Gallery of Patterns from the Past by Phyllis Kluger
This is a large, coffee table size book. This is a quote from the cover of the book, something of a sub-title "102 designs derived from art of the past from Ancient Egypt and Classical Greece to the Renaissance, the American Folk Tradition and Art Nouveau" As you can see, the picture used for the dust jacket is very much American Folk Art. I thought that this book was about American Historical Art used for Needlepoint. I was very surprised when I actually received the book. ... More Info
Price: $18.00
Wildflower Embroidery by Annette Rich
Another terrific book from Sally Milner's Milner Craft Series from Australia. As many of you know, I really dislike using the word "craft" about what I consider to be the Art of Needlepoint but I make an exception here. The Milner books are excellent stitchery references. Do not be put off by the title of this book, although it says "embroidery" all of the stitches & techniques in Wildflower Embroidery can (and should) be used for Needlepoint, as well. I want to show you, close up, ... More Info
Price: $13.00
Beads In Bloom by Arlene Baker
I was recently asked about books about making Beaded Flowers. I did not have any specifically about that so I ordered 2. The subtitle to Beads in Bloom is *The Art of Making French Beaded Flowers* A Beadwork How-To Book. To quote from the back cover: "Beaded Flowers, with their delicacy, sparkle and voltage charm, are so right for today." And to edit and paraphrase " providing all the information you need to make spectacular French Beaded Flowers with wire and beads. With easy ... More Info
Price: $21.95
Hand Painted Quilting Bee Needlepoint Kit
I love this needlepoint canvas, it is an original design, Hand Painted canvas from Mayo Design. This is the first I ever bought from them and I am quite impressed with it. The design is 8 women, sitting around a wonderful crazy quilt pieced quilt top and quilting it. I don't know if you have ever been to a real quilting bee. I have and it is fun. The gossip flows fast & hot and the works flies. I have heard of an entire quilt being done, that is quilting from the pieced top, in a ... More Info
Price: $150.00
Laurel Burch Purple Cat in a Garden Needlepoint Canvas
When I first listed this wonderful canvas, I had it under the wrong name (DOH) It is not Kindred Creatures, it is called Purple Cat With A Flower but I like the name Purple Cat in A Garden better so, that's it name. Hand Painted, Original Design canvas from Laurel Burch Studio. The design area measures 9.25 X 7.75 inches, it is 18 mesh mono canvas. Purple Cat uses 13 colors plus metallic gold, I find this a joyful design, as are most of these Laurel Burch Needlepoints. This canvas ... More Info
Price: $64.00
Laurel Burch Cat In His Holly Hat Needlepoint Ornament Kit
I thought I would call this colorful Needlepoint Ornament Kit "Cat in his Holly Hat", cute name but as a cat owner myself (HA! slave to the cat) I know it is much more likely that the real title should be "Cat Destroying the Holly Decorations When Some Got Stick on his Head". What you call it is your choice. This is another wonderful Hand Painted Laurel Burch Christmas Tree Ornament design. The ornament area measures 6 inches top to bottom, including the hanger. It is 5 inches across ... More Info
Price: $60.00
*Gift Quality* Wildlife in Needlepoint by Stella Edwards
This book was published in association with the WWF, The World Wide Fund for Nature. It has 23 needlepoint designs featuring exotic animals, birds and flowers on the endangered species list. Wildlife in Needlepoint was published in England by Anaya Publishers LTD in 1992. It is a large coffee table size book full of beautiful full color pictures and color guides for each design. What it does not have is Stitch Graphs or Charts showing how to stitch these fine designs. On the "How to ... More Info
Price: $29.00
Holiday Stitches for Needlepoint by June McKnight
Ms. McKnight begins this book with a phrase we has posted as a sign in her studio. "Until further notice, celebrate everything". She goes on to say that some of the best needlepoint designers in the industry seem to have taken these words to heart and created wonderful holiday themed needlepoint canvases. This book is a collection of stitching ideas that evolved in her classroom. So many of her students wanted to stitch something very special for some very special occasion, day or ... More Info
Price: $22.00
Uncle Sam Santa Holiday Ornament Kit
This is such an unusual design. I have seen Uncle Sam Santa canvases before but never one like this.There is amazing detail in this design as well as 14 colors . This design does not have to be stitched as a round Holiday Ornament. I have included enough extra white background floss so It can also be a small needlepoint pillow or a framed picture. This is a hand painted canvas but I do not remember who the designer & artist are, if indeed I ever knew. I have assembled this kit using ... More Info
Price: $76.00
The Bear Needlepoint Canvas
Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of Patt & Lee's well-known, original and colorful work. This handsome bear is somewhat larger then many of the Pajamas & Chocolate Colorful Animals canvases are. the design area is 9.5 X 9.5 (or 10) inches. The entire canvas measures 13 X 13 inches. it is 13 mesh mono canvas, which is also different. Most of them are 18 mesh. This canvas, in this size would make a ... More Info
Price: $80.00
97 Needlepoint Alphabets by B. Borssuck
Each Alphabet or Number in this book is graphed full size, so the graphs can be easily transferred to your canvas. They are not all one size, the vary in size from as large as 24 threads to as small as 5 threads. They are organized in order with the smallest in the front of the book, ranging to the largest in the back. The variety of letterings is amazing. This book is intended for needlepoint but the charts are also perfect for cross-stitch. The book contains many patterns not found ... More Info
Price: $28.00
Very Beginner's Double Happiness Kanji Needlepoint Kit
Someone just beginning needlepoint needs a simple design to stitch. Not too big, not too challenging but a design where the results will look wonderful. That is the best way to teach needlepoint, to anyone (in my opinion, anyway). Hand Painted Japanese Kanji meaning Double Happiness from Danji Designs. The design area measures 7.5 X 7.5 inches. It is easy to stitch 13 mesh mono canvas. I have assembled this kit using DMC #3 size Perle Cotton Floss and Kreinik Gold Metallic Braid ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Beginner's Guide To RibbonWork DVD by Helen Gibb
Helen Gibb is the author of the well-known book, RibbonWork, The Complete Guide. She has recently released a DVD showing you how to begin to stitch using Ribbons. Many people have expressed interest in learning this newly very popular stitching medium. This DVD is exactly what I had hoped someone would do. A quote from Carol Duvall on the cover of the DVD says "Watching this DVD is like having private lessons with Helen, Fabulous". " Now you can have permanent access to all ... More Info
Price: $36.95