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Laurel Burch Mikayla Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
A spectacular new needlepoint design from Laurel Burch Studio. Mikayla is amazing, there are not enough ways to say this, a unique design using, by my best count, 37 colors. I am offering this canvas 3 ways. As the canvas alone. This listing is for the canvas with Jill Rigoli of Danji Design's terrific Stitch Guide. The third listing with have it as a kit with 39 skeins in 37 colors (not absolutely sure of skein numbers, I kept losing count and the doubler size balls of floss kept ... More Info
Price: $260.00
Diana Lampe's Embroidered Pansies
I have recently become aware of these gorgeous book about stitching flowers & gardens by Diana Lampe. I was aware of her name and the type of books she wrote but had no idea how wonderful they were until I saw one. WOW!. I do love pansies and this amazing book has 93 different pansies to stitch (not kidding) & 4 of the variety Heartsease. The book begins with the basics, 4 pages of full color pansies to choose from. Materials & equipment, working notes on pansies, how to stitch a ... More Info
Price: $27.00
The Empress Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas
The Empress is one of a pair of wonderful hand painted needlepoint canvases by Jackie Richey. There is an Emperor design canvas too but I am selling them separately. Jackie Richey appears to specialize in this very fine Oriental and Asian influence needlepoint design. She does very nice work, this is a beautiful canvas. The design area is 10 X 12 inches. The entire canvas measures 14 X 16 inches, it is 18 mesh. The Empress Needlepoint canvas has been very carefully Stitch ... More Info
Price: $105.00
The Emperor Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas
The Emperor is a wonderfully and carefully Stitch Painted needlepoint canvas by Jackie Ritchey. She appears to specialize in creating these excellent oriental and Asian influenced deigns. The Emperor is the companion canvas to the Empress, also listed here on as both a canvas and a kit. They are being sold separately. The design area is 10 X 12 inches. The entire canvas measures 14 X 16 inches, it is 18 mesh. The Emperor needlepoint design uses 16 colors and has ... More Info
Price: $105.00
Beginner's Guide To Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Ann Cox
Ann Cox is also the author of the book A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers (which I just happen to also have in stock). It is an excellent book and has been very popular here. I first looked at this new book with high expectations. I am not disappointed. Everything in this book is easily applicable to needlepoint, it takes the complete beginner from tools & materials and the basics. Then there are 5 flower projects. The last 3 chapters were a surprise and 2 of them I had not seen ... More Info
Price: $12.95
Folk Art Needlepoint by Ruth Peltason
This is a handsome book, it's subtitle is: 20 Projects Adapted From Objects in the American Folk Art Museum. it would be a fine gift for any stitcher. Quoting from the back cover "Folk Art Needlepoint presents 20 projects based on objects from the collection of the American Folk Art Museum, New York, made available as patterns for the first time. Drawing inspiration from unexpected places, Ruth Peltason shares patterns for an array of Needlepoint projects that capture the essence of ... More Info
Price: $35.00
A Victorian Floral Alphabet by Sue Hawkins
The entire title of this book is A Victorian Floral Alphabet In Cross-Stitch, Canvaswork & Crewel Embroidery. In the UK, where this was published, Canvaswork is another name for Needlepoint. I know you all know this already. This book is not what I thought it was when I ordered it. (remember I buy these books sight unseen,mostly by a very brief blurb and the author's name. Sue Hawkins is a familiar name, to me). It is not an Alphabet book, it is a book or stitched flowers. The ... More Info
Price: $26.75
Laurel Burch Dog Sampler Needlepoint Kit
I have had this very good, very colorful hand painted Dog Sampler canvas for a few months now. I go to list it and then I think maybe I will stitch it I don't list it. This has been going on for a while. I dithered with the decision so long that I missed listing it for the holiday season. Enough indecision from me. I have to admit here, not that anyone really cares, that I already have a large drawer full of canvases I mean to stitch...and then I buy more. This is an ... More Info
Price: $268.00
Pajamas & Chocolate Owl Ornament Needlepoint Canvas
IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY These wonderful brand new Holiday Ornament designs by Pajamas & Chocolate are being introduced at the TNNA Destination: Dallas Trade Show that is happening right now (9/7/2014). Pajamas & Chocolate is a brand new design label from Patt & Lee Designs. It is all Hand Painted, the next generation of Patt & Lee's well-known, original and colorful work. Each of these wonderful Ornaments is based on Patt's Colorful Animals Series of original design ... More Info
Price: $46.00
Diana Lampe's Embroidery From The Garden
I have recently fallen in love with these gorgeous books on stitching flowers & gardens etc by Diana Lampe. I think there may be more in this series, besides this book and the beautiful book on stitching Pansies I listed here. This book is Embroidery From The Garden. It contains 2 amazing garden designs to stitch, each with many flowers. Each flower in the garden is unique. There is a Oval Garland design as well. The flowers mainly used in these designs are flowers Ms. Lampe found on ... More Info
Price: $24.95
English Garden Embroidery by Stafford Whiteaker
The first thing to remember is that books published in the UK have many & different names for needlepoint. They include Canvas Embroidery, Canvas Work or just Embroidery. The subtitle for this book is: Over 80 Original Needlepoint Designs of Flowers, Fruit and Animals. This is a handsome book but it is not for beginner's. Each design is graphed out so it is suitable for Needlepoint or counted thread work. The color use is spectacular. The book has many fine pictures of English ... More Info
Price: $23.50
SAMURAI Large Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
This is a show-stopper. This is a whole body design of a serious & glowering Samurai warrior in movement. The clothes, his face and the body movement here are done very well. This is clearly the work of a very talented & experienced needlepoint artist. This is a very big, wonderful needlepoint canvas. it is a hand Painted original design by Sophia. Sophia used to design canvases for Lee Needle Arts, before Mrs Lee retired (Colonial Needle owns them now). Sophia is now in business for ... More Info
Price: $195.00
A-Z of Bead Embroidery by Sue Gardner
Country Bumpkin Publications has published, over the last few years, a very good and useful series of needlepoint & needlework books in their A to Z series. This is the 13th book in the series. Originally published in 2006, this is the latest edition re-printed in 2011 in Australia. As with all the books in the A_Z series, this is an easy to use book with 30 projects. The chapters are: Beads Other Materials Tools & Equipment Stitches & Techniques with a number of ... More Info
Price: $34.85
Colour Confidence by Trish Burr
Trish Burr is a well-known needlework author & teacher. Her book & DVD on Long & Short Embroidery is the perfect way to learn Long & short stitch for Needlepoint or for Embroidery. The full title of this book is Colour Confidence in Embroidery. This is another of the fine Milner Craft Series books. Quoting from the back cover "Based on her own experience with Long & Short Stitch shading, gained through trial & error over the years, the author provides a greater awareness of how color ... More Info
Price: $32.95
GOLDWORK, RSN Essential Stitch Guide by Helen McCook
The Royal School of Needlework books are some of the best needlepoint & needlework books out there. This new one is GOLDWORK by Helen McCook. I like this, it is written on the back of this (and every) book. "The Royal School of Needlework teaches Hand Embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways." 'I don't think it could be said better then that. Please take the use of *embroidery* as an all encompassing term. In the UK they often call ... More Info
Price: $21.95
Beginners It's Always Something Needlepoint Kit
I am excited about these Beginner Needlepoint Designs Patt and I have been working on. This is the first of them and I think it is wonderful. We started with one of her excellent designs, the Shower Cat and simplified it, took out most of the exacting and difficult to stitch detail, to make this perfect for a novice needlepointer. Of course, an experienced stitcher can easily add their own details, and customize this. The design area is 7 X 8.25 inches. The entire canvas is 13 X 11 ... More Info
Price: $68.00
**Gift Quality** Satin and Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Leslie Turpin-Delport
A beautiful book, as much for the pictures of the Ribbon Embroidery pieces stitched and how some of them are used. Satin and Silk Ribbon Embroidery is out-of-print and new copies are rare. This is one of the earlier books on Ribbon Stitching, which has become so popular in the last few years. The book begins with an overview on working with Silk Ribbon. Then it shows 5 pages of simple stitches for Silk Ribbon stitching with multiple stitches per page. Next is something I have not ... More Info
Price: $35.00
15 Dogs in 15 Colors Needlepoint Canvas with Stitch Guide
The moment I saw Patt' Scrap Thread design I know I wanted to call it 15 Dogs 15 Colors. This is a slightly smaller Scrap Thread canvas than usual. The design area measures 7 X 7 inches. The entire canvas is 12 X 12 inches. it is 16 mesh, which has become my favorite mesh size. Not too small, not too big. Patt is a wonderful, creative stitcher. This canvas comes with her Stitch Guide. You can use whatever gorgeous threads & colors you have in your stash for this design or follow ... More Info
Price: $60.00
Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces by Katharine Ireyss
Finally back in stock, despite the existence of several newly published books on finishing, this classic book, Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces, remains a popular & asked for book. Although this book's focus is finishing and mounting finshed needlepoint projects, it also has 40 original needlepoint designs. Covered are blocking, lining, mitering corners etc. There is complete information on how to make trims of braid, cord. fringes and tassels. The book has many ... More Info
Price: $23.00