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Needlepoint SECRETS by June McKnight
I really liked the picture of this book from June McKnight's web site. The cover is a pretty color of purple but I thought the picture was great. Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with the book. At first I thought maybe Secrets was a revision of June's excellent book Needlepoint Wisdom, which is no longer available, but June assures me it is not. She told me this is a whole new book with all the things she has learned over the years (and she was 73 yesterday 4/25/14). She ... More Info
Price: $50.00
Needlepoint For Kids by June McKNight
Recently it had occurred to me that I had not sold a copy of this unique book by famous needlepoint author & teacher June McKnight. Well, just now while building the new June McKnight books category (I thought it was a good idea to have all her books in one place as well as in the various categories) I realized Needlepoint For Kids was not listed for sale in my web store. I know it used to be, I have the picture on file so what happened to the listing? I suppose I will never know ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Colorful Backgrounds by June McKnight
As many of you already know I am a fan and promoter of the excellent Needlepoint books by June McKnight. Even if I could not sell them here on NewNeedlepoint I would still recommend them. June has a new book out. The name, Colorful Backgrounds, says it all. The book is full of interesting and creative background stitches in glorious color. Each stitch has 2 pages, on the left is a color photograph of the stitch, stitched (how else could I have said that?). The right side is the graph, ... More Info
Price: $46.00
DISCOUNT Autographed!!  Bling, Glitz & Glamour for Needlepoint by June McKnight
I seem to have lost control of my stock (again). I kept ordering this great book, re-ordering & re-ordering until, to my surprise, I found I have 10 copies. That is a lot for a small shop like So, once again my mistake is your opportunity to buy this terrific book for less. (ouch!) June McKnight is, in my opinion and many stitchers agree with me, one of the best respected names in needlepoint books. Her books sell, year after year. There are fresh new titles ... More Info
Price: $43.00
Plants & Animals in Needlepoint by June McKNight
I had not seen this June McKnight book before. it is copyrighted 1993 but perhaps not always available. It is, like the other June McKNight needlepoint books, and useful and very portable book. As I have done with some of the other June McKnight books, I think listing the chapters will give you a good idea of the contents. FOLIAGE 30 PAGES FLOWERS 36 PAGES GARDEN STRUCTURES 9 PAGES ANIMALS 10 PAGES INDEX OF TREES & FLOWERS The book is full of wonderful flower and ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Christmas Stitches for Needlepoint by June McKnight
This is an early June McKnight book, copyrighted in 1991 but it is not as if Needlepoint Stitches go out of fashion, like last seasons clothes. The chapters and subchapters in this book pretty much tell it all: APPAREL STITCHES Clever ideas for Baby Jesus Swaddling, Santa's suit, Mrs. Santa's Dress, The Toy Soldier's Uniform, The Elf's Costume, Teddy Bear Sweater and Dolly's Pinafore BUTTONS & ORNAMENTS Intriguing Stitches That Make Round Designs Less Challenging BEARDS & ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Holiday Stitches for Needlepoint by June McKnight
Ms. McKnight begins this book with a phrase we has posted as a sign in her studio. "Until further notice, celebrate everything". She goes on to say that some of the best needlepoint designers in the industry seem to have taken these words to heart and created wonderful holiday themed needlepoint canvases. This book is a collection of stitching ideas that evolved in her classroom. So many of her students wanted to stitch something very special for some very special occasion, day or ... More Info
Price: $22.00
Christmas Bargello Medallions by June McKnight
The subtitle to this book is "And Twinkling Backgrounds". Another of Ms McKnight's wonderful book on Needlepoint & Bargello Needlepoint. According to the author, the idea for these Bargello Medallion Christmas Ornaments came from a customer who wanted to stitch each of her friends a Christmas Tree Ornament. This was the spark. Each ornament design uses 2 pages. One one side is a full color picture of the finished ornament, the other facing page has the chart. As always the charts are ... More Info
Price: $36.00
More Backgrounds for Needlepoint by June McKnight
The companion book to June McKnight's Decorative Backgrounds for Needlepoint copyrighted in 1992. This More Backgrounds book is copyrighted 2001. Some of the background stitches shown in this book take up 2 pages, 1 page for instruction and the 2nd for the graph. Others take just one page so it is difficult to get a stitch count for this book. From the index I estimate there are 64 stitches in this book. All are graphed and described with Ms McKnight's usual skill and ... More Info
Price: $24.00
The Best Bargello Book by June McKnight
I think these books by June McKnight are terrific. She is a great Needlepoint Teacher and her books explain & show you exactly what she intends to, no muss, no fuss. Still, I have to take exception to her title "The Best Bargello Book". It is, indeed a very good, even a excellent Bargello Book, but the best? All my carping aside. This is larger then the usual June McKnight books but in the same basic format. She begins at the beginning, with the canvas, goes to threads, the first ... More Info
Price: $48.00
Shading & Thread Blending Techniques for Needlepoint by June McKnight
This excellent book by June McKnight is one I have in my own collection. Books that really show you how to do this are relatively rare. I find shading and blending (well) hard to do, myself. The chapters are: Precise Thread Blending Random Thread Blending Tweeding, Twilling, Twiddling Shading with Dynamic Threads Decorative Stitches I think that covers it all, don't you? This is another of Ms. McKnights small, 5.5 X 5 inch, books with a plastic spiral binding and a paper cover ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Colorful Stitches for Over-Dye Threads by June McKnight
A terrific book by June McKnight. In it she discusses the many types of unusual or over-dyed threads and yarns and how best to use each kind. This small handy book contains full color graphs of 94 of stitches, stitched with these kinds of threads, so you will see exactly what you result will be. There are 3 pages with links to some of the speciality thread web sites. One section covers satin stitches, another is upright stitches. A number of the stitches shown here are new to me (but ... More Info
Price: $42.00
Architectural Stitches for Needlepoint by June McKnight
Finally, June McKNight has re-designed the cover of this excellent book. It was almost impossible to read, white on yellow and drove me (and others) crazy (not too long a trip for me). The new deign is very good, readable and striking. Thanks June. Another of June McKnight's wonderful spiral bound needlepoint stitch books. This book focuses on stitches she considers "Architectural" . it is difficult for me to describe what she means by this. There are so many stitches here. I find ... More Info
Price: $24.00
Decorative Backgrounds for Needlepoint by June McKnight
This handy little book is another in June McKnigh's series of Needlepoint and Bargello Needlepoint book. The books are small with big spiral bindings. They are the perfect size to carry in your needlepoint tote bag and I love spiral bounds books, they lay flat when open. The subtitle for this book is "The Ten Commandments of Background Stitching" "Rules to help in the selection of the perfect background". I think that pretty much says it all. This is, as I have noted, a small ... More Info
Price: $24.00