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Trianglepoint by Sherlee Lantz
Price: $26.00
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Another great needlepoint book by Sherlee Lantz, the author of A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas. This book is subtitled "From Persian Pavilions to Op Art with One Stitch. Ms Lantz does seem to like the idea of a "pavilions". The book was published by Viking Press in 1978.

This book has become harder & harder to find. I have sold many copies of it here and it is now almost impossible to find one in both good condition and not too expensive.

I List this book in both the Bargello & the Needlepoint Reference book categories, it belongs in both.

TrianglePoint is a new idea in needlepoint. I have stitched this pattern, using it for a border on a Bargello Design of mine. This is how that limited size border looked

I found TrianglePoint very easy to stitch, with great results. This book has many color pictures and very clear stitch graphs. In fact, it is basically the same stitch, just different sizes.

The design charts, how to put the triangles together to make the designs shown, are in the back of the book.

Trianglepoint is in very good condition. In fact, this copy is as good as any I have ever seen.

The pages inside are very good, only slightly yellowed by age. The spine is tight. A former owner wrote her name on the inside cover page.
4 Way Bargello: Revised Edition  by Dorothy Kaestner
Dorothy Kaestner's wonderful book, 4 Way Bargello. I have a copy of this book myself and have sold so many here I now buy them in multiples, not 1 at a time. Although they are getting harder to find, or to find in a reasonable condition. I recently ordered 2 and both arrived full of foxing. Not good. Needless to say, I got a refund. This is, of course, a rare book. It is getting harder to find more each time I sell one. 4-Way Bargello is a very advanced form of Bargello Needlepoint. ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Elsa Williams Bargello: Florentine Canvas Work
Elsa Williams is one of the better known needlework designers. Her designs and products include needlepoint, embroidery, crewel work, cross stitch and more. The needlework products bearing her name are too numerous to mention. The iconic needlepoint book gets harder to find each time I search for it to re-order. This is Elsa William's Bargello book. It is one of the most important of the early books on Bargello needlepoint. it is another fine Van Nostrand Reinhold book, published in ... More Info
Price: $25.00
A Pageant of Pattern For Needlepoint Canvas by Sherlee Lantz
Sherlee Lantz is well known as the creator and author of the book Triangle Point as well as this, is her encyclopedic and huge (508 pages) book on the structure and geometry of needlepoint. The book is subtitled: Centuries of Design, Textures, Stitches A New Exploration I never noticed this before but the back cover has recommendations from some unusual people like: The New York Times, Leo Lerman, Romain Gary & Jules Feiffer. From the front dust jacket" We usually associate the ... More Info
Price: $36.00
Bargello Antics by Dorothy Kaestner
This wonderful book is both hard-to-find and rare. Each time I look for it, the price has gone up (and up) Dorothy Kaestner's Bargello Antics features 4 Way Bargello, and Mrs. Kaestner knows her stuff. Her designs are wonderful, her color use terrific. Every design is shown in full color in the color picture section of the book, taken by George F. Kaestner, who I assume is her husband. Bargello Antics is mostly about 4-way Bargello. 4 Way Bargello can be difficult to do (I have not ... More Info
Price: $32.00