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Another year for and I am very proud to say the store is getting busier all the time. I guess by now it is getting to be known or at least heard about. has 3 main sections. There are the Kits & Canvases, some of the canvases with Stitch Guides. I continue to feature the designs I love and am glad to see some of you love them too.

My store specializes in the gorgeous design work of Laurel Burch, Melinda McAra and her wonderful sports themes and New England based canvases. I have the amazing Pajamas & Chocolate line of colorful hand painted canvases. I am always excited to see what they will do next. Plus I have a good stock of the Patt & Lee Design Scrap Thread Canvases. I think Scrap Thread Canvases are a great idea for using up all the extra threads & yarns we all end up with.

Now I get to name drop. has original design work from many other canvas artists including Danji Design, Jean Smith, Mayo Design, Jane Wheeler, Sophia, Jackie Ritchey, Kirk & Hamilton & More.

This past year I added a needlepoint belt category.

I assemble the kits for these canvases myself from the threads I love to stitch with. I use Anchor & DMC Perle Cotton Floss in sizes 3, 5 & 8. Also Kreinik Metallic Braid Thread in sizes 12 & 16. I let my love for and appreciation of color & how the colors relate to each other guide me. Putting kits together is my favorite part of my business. has a very good selection of new needlepoint books and other new books with subjects or techniques applicable to needlepoint. I have begun to amass a collection of Letter & Monogram books, to add words & signatures to our stitching.

I have also expanded my category headings to make the exact book you are looking for easier to find.

By my best count (and I am sure I missed a few or counted some twice) I list 190 new books. I’m always looking for newer new books.

My Rare/Used Book titles are dictated by the books my customers want and the books that I can get, in reasonable condition. It is getting difficult to find decent, salable old books. Some of the Rare Books are getting quite hard to find.

There are some extraordinary books out there, they go out of print and are often forgotten. We are losing wonderful and very useful stitching books all the time. Some of them are unique and some of them cover subjects not discussed or taught in the new books. I think it is important to not let them fade away

I want to thank all my customers & friends for another great year and look forward to another terrific year.

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You Are Here: Home  •  NEW Needlepoint Design Books  •  More Backgrounds for Needlepoint by June McKnight
More Backgrounds for Needlepoint by June McKnight
Price: $24.00
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The companion book to June McKnight's Decorative Backgrounds for Needlepoint copyrighted in 1992.

This More Backgrounds book is copyrighted 2001.

Some of the background stitches shown in this book take up 2 pages, 1 page for instruction and the 2nd for the graph. Others take just one page so it is difficult to get a stitch count for this book. From the index I estimate there are 64 stitches in this book.

All are graphed and described with Ms McKnight's usual skill and clarity.

This is a small 5 inch X 5.5 inches paperbound book with a metal spiral binding. There is a clear plastic over lay on the cover.

it is self-published by June McKNight with a copyright of 2001.

Selling New Books is very different from selling my used, hard-to-find or rare books. New books have a set retail price and I have to compete in the “marketplace”. will be charging the full retail price for these fine new books but I will ship them for free. Please consider the Free Shipping as a Discount.

Free Media Mail Delivery in the USA
*Gift Quality* Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint
Beth Russell has become an authority on Arts & Crafts Movement Needlepoint designs. This is a handsome book, beautifully mounted and photographed. This seems to be a very hard-to-find book and a used copy in this condition might be relatively rare. It does not look like this book has been opened or read. The book has 22 needlepoint charts based on original William Morris designs. They are really beautiful needlepoints but I have to say (in the service of honesty) I would not want to ... More Info
Price: $38.00
Your House in Needlepoint by Susan Higgenson
I have become a fan of Susan Higgenson Needlepoint books. I kept her excellent small needlepoint stitch book from my very first order of books. It is comprehensive and the perfect size to slip into a tote bag. I have lost count of how many copies of this book I have sold here, so many that they are getting very hard to get and much more expensive. I apologize for the price increase, it reflects what I am paying for this book, now. The author, an experienced author & needlepoint ... More Info
Price: $28.00
new canvaswork by Jill Carter
new canvaswork (yes, the title does not have caps on purpose) was published in 2007 in England. There is a wealth of needlepoint techniques, stitches and innovative ideas here. The book is subtitled 'creative techniques in needlepoint". There is some absolutely incredible stitching here. All the pictures are full color, bright and beautiful. the chapters are: Materials Background Surfaces (or treatments) colour, design & stitch, Couching on a canvas background Embroidery ... More Info
Price: $24.95
Decorative Backgrounds for Needlepoint by June McKnight
This handy little book is another in June McKnigh's series of Needlepoint and Bargello Needlepoint book. The books are small with big spiral bindings. They are the perfect size to carry in your needlepoint tote bag and I love spiral bounds books, they lay flat when open. The subtitle for this book is "The Ten Commandments of Background Stitching" "Rules to help in the selection of the perfect background". I think that pretty much says it all. This is, as I have noted, a small ... More Info
Price: $24.00