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Another year for and I am very proud to say the store is getting busier all the time. I guess by now it is getting to be known or at least heard about. has 3 main sections. There are the Kits & Canvases, some of the canvases with Stitch Guides. I continue to feature the designs I love and am glad to see some of you love them too.

My store specializes in the gorgeous design work of Laurel Burch, Melinda McAra and her wonderful sports themes and New England based canvases. I have the amazing Pajamas & Chocolate line of colorful hand painted canvases. I am always excited to see what they will do next. Plus I have a good stock of the Patt & Lee Design Scrap Thread Canvases. I think Scrap Thread Canvases are a great idea for using up all the extra threads & yarns we all end up with.

Now I get to name drop. has original design work from many other canvas artists including Danji Design, Jean Smith, Mayo Design, Jane Wheeler, Sophia, Jackie Ritchey, Kirk & Hamilton & More.

This past year I added a needlepoint belt category.

I assemble the kits for these canvases myself from the threads I love to stitch with. I use Anchor & DMC Perle Cotton Floss in sizes 3, 5 & 8. Also Kreinik Metallic Braid Thread in sizes 12 & 16. I let my love for and appreciation of color & how the colors relate to each other guide me. Putting kits together is my favorite part of my business. has a very good selection of new needlepoint books and other new books with subjects or techniques applicable to needlepoint. I have begun to amass a collection of Letter & Monogram books, to add words & signatures to our stitching.

I have also expanded my category headings to make the exact book you are looking for easier to find.

By my best count (and I am sure I missed a few or counted some twice) I list 190 new books. Iím always looking for newer new books.

My Rare/Used Book titles are dictated by the books my customers want and the books that I can get, in reasonable condition. It is getting difficult to find decent, salable old books. Some of the Rare Books are getting quite hard to find.

There are some extraordinary books out there, they go out of print and are often forgotten. We are losing wonderful and very useful stitching books all the time. Some of them are unique and some of them cover subjects not discussed or taught in the new books. I think it is important to not let them fade away

I want to thank all my customers & friends for another great year and look forward to another terrific year.

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You Are Here: Home  •  ALL THE REST NP Kits & Canvases  •  *New Price* SAMURAI Large Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
*New Price* SAMURAI Large Hand Painted Needlepoint Kit
Price: $198.00
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This is a show-stopper. This is a whole body design of a serious & glowering Samurai warrior in movement. The clothes, his face and the body movement here are done very well. This is clearly the work of a very talented & experienced needlepoint artist.

This is a very big, wonderful needlepoint canvas. it is a hand Painted original design by Sophia. Sophia used to design canvases for Lee Needle Arts, before Mrs Lee retired (Colonial Needle owns them now).

Sophia is now in business for herself and her work is excellent (I also list a beautiful fan canvas by Sophia here on NewNeedlepoint).

So, how big is it? The design area measures 27.5 X 22 inches. The entire canvas is 31 X 25.5 inches. It is 14 mesh canvas.

There are 19 colors and 2 Metallics colors used in The Samurai.

I have assembled this kit using DMC #5 size Perle Cotton Floss & Kreinik #16 size Metallic Braid Thread. This kit uses 43 skeins of DMC and 8 spools of Kreinik Metallic.

The colors Sophia choose are wonderful and I have stayed close to them in this kit. The only real change I made is that the background is done in DMC # 677. It is a dark cream color with a hint of yellow. A very Oriental looking background color, I think.

The Samurai should be stitched using 1 strand of either the floss or the metallic thread.

I have shown just 1 skein or spool of each color used. The whole pile of them is pretty big and would not have shown well in a picture.

All NewNeedlepoint canvases have folded and machine hemmed edges or carefully taped canvases edges. Which one depends on how much white canvas is left outside the design area.

Each kit includes the correct size needle for this canvas.

The amounts of floss or yarn shown in the pictures are for color only, the actual amounts sent may vary from what is shown. The colors will not vary (at least not very much).

Needlepoint thread coverage is not an exact science. I try to make sure there is plenty to finish each canvas with some to spare. If you run short e-mail me and I will send you more at no extra cost.

Remember to stitch 2-3 additional rows all around the completed canvas for finishing.

Large needlepoint canvases will be rolled and sent in a mailing tube,smaller canvases will be sent flat in a padded envelope.

I do not offer finishing services.

Carefully Packed & Delivered Free in the USA