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Finishing 101 by Patricia M. Mazu
Price: $35.00
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Finishing 101 is back in stock for immediate delivery.

I first heard about this book at the same place I learn so much about Needlepoint & new needlework things (be they books or tools or designs or stitches). Of course I mean Jane's Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure Blog.

Some weeks ago she mentioned a new needlework finishing book. Since there is only one other currently published book on Needlepoint Finishing and one increasingly rare older book on this subject, I went looking for the author and/or publisher.

I asked around and someone knew someone who knew the author, who self-published the book. I bought some copies from her and am very happy to offer them here.

Sorry about the long story.

Finishing 101 is subtitled
A Workbook Of Techniques And Encouragement

The Table of Contents suggests that it is all here.
After the short Introduction the first chapter is Begin at the Beginning.

General Hints:
water bath testing for colorfastness of thread & Yarn
General Construction of Materials & Information
equipment & tools for finishing
backing fabric selection
underlining & lining selection
notions selection
filling materials selection
instructions & backing materials included in purchased kits
Preparing The Embroidery For The Finishing Process
general notes
counted thread or surface embroidery worked on fabric
laundering an embroidery worked on fabric
needlepoint or counted thread embroidery worked on canvas
blocking instructions
Lacing An Embroidered Canvas Or Fabric To A Mounting Board
general notes
procedure for lacing canvas or fabric onto a mounting board
Decorative Cord Construction'
materials & equipment for creating cords
twisted cord
roped cord
simple tassel
Instructions For Finishing An Ornament
specific shape ornament
Instructions For Finishing A Stocking Or Mitten
Instructions For Finishing A Bell Shaped Ornament
Instructions For Finishing A Hot Air Balloon Ornament
Instructions For Finishing A Cornucopia Ornament
Instructions For Finishing A Heart Ornament
with a tassel topper
Instructions Fior Finishing A Free Standing Embroidery
Instructions For Finishing A Basker With A Handle
Creating A Plaque To Hang Or Sit On An Easel
Creating A Zippered Sewing Case
Instructions For Finishing A Simple Glasses Case
Creating A Purse
instructions for making a lingerie bag or envelope purse with an
embroidered flap insertion
pillow forms
window openings
mitered window opening
log cabin style window opening
Bibliography & Sources
internet search services
classic books
contemporary books
other sources
commercial patterns
sources for notions, fabric & notions
Outlines For Possible Designs
instruction for using outlines
stocking outlines
star outline
bell outline
heart outline
hot air balloon outline

In paging through the book, the instructions seem complete and reasonably easy to follow. Ms Mazu's explanations are clear & to the point.

There are many illustrations with each subject, often several to a page.

Finishing 101 is a new 2005 Self-Published First Edition. It is printed on good quality printer paper with a plastic spiral binding.

It has 140 pages, although it looks bigger since each page is just one sided and the book has just one page of full color pictures.

The cover has a clear plastic over-page for protection.

This is an impressive book.
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