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You Are Here: Home  •  NEW Needlepoint Reference Books  •  Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book by Carole Lake & Michael Boren
Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book by Carole Lake & Michael Boren
Price: $34.99
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This excellent new book is in stock for immediate delivery.

I have had a chance to look through the book, I think this is a very useful book.

It begins with instructions on how to use the book, then a glossary of terms (I too am sometimes confused by terms used. How many of us know the difference between Filament silk & Chinese silk thread? Not me)

Then there is a large section describing, in detail, each kind of thread (would you know what "Pepper Pot Silk* or "Treenway Serenity" was?, not me)

Then the stitches section. There are a lot of stitches, some new to me (Jo-Jo Stitch?) as well as specific stitches for boots or belts, rugs, floors, small spaces, large spaces etc.

A complete index. The only thing I should mention is that the text & all the diagrams are in black & white. I did find the stitch graphs easy to read & understand.

Below is a quote Jane got from Sally at Rainbow Gallery, they are wholesaling the book

" "I have the #1 book right from the printer out of the box yesterday, and read it last night. It is an excellent book giving ideas and encouraging new stitchers to make that first painted canvas purchase. Tons of info on threads of all types plus stitches categorized by which area they would best be suited for your canvas. Just a personal note about this book, I love the way Carole and Michael have written this, not too wordy--not too technical, you can see that they have a passion about this, and for the average garden variety stitcher it will be a fantastic tool."

That about says it all, for now.
**Gift Quality** Beth Russell's Traditional Needlepoint
This Beth Russell book has been a a rare and hard-to-find book. This is her classic book, Traditional Needlepoint: This copy is the original volume published by Reader's Digest Press in 1992. There has been a recent re-issue by David & Charles Press but I am not sure how or if it differs from the book as it was originally published. Beth Russell's books are always lovely, very well done with all color pictures and graphs. There is a extensive introduction with a very beautifully ... More Info
Price: $23.00
Needlepoint 202 Embellishment of the Painted Canvas by Ruth Dilts
This is Ruth Dilts newest book, Needlepoint 202, a continuation of her Painted Canvas series. This books also credits Joan Lohr who created the graphs. The cover says this book is "A Guide To 12 Different Techniques with Illustrations for Embellishment of The painted Canvas." and this cover is yellow sparkly instead of flat blue the Needlepoint 101. (useless to know but still...) Quoting from Ms Dilts introduction: "The intent of this book is to tempt you, the stitcher, to try new ... More Info
Price: $19.20
Christmas Bargello Medallions by June McKnight
The subtitle to this book is "And Twinkling Backgrounds". Another of Ms McKnight's wonderful book on Needlepoint & Bargello Needlepoint. According to the author, the idea for these Bargello Medallion Christmas Ornaments came from a customer who wanted to stitch each of her friends a Christmas Tree Ornament. This was the spark. Each ornament design uses 2 pages. One one side is a full color picture of the finished ornament, the other facing page has the chart. As always the charts are ... More Info
Price: $36.00
Glorafilia: The Impressionists in Needlepoint by Carole Lazarus & Jennifer Berman
I was unsure what Glorafilia was but after reading these books I think it boils down to some unusual and decorative stitches 9which were hardly used back in the 1990's when these books were published), Log & Short Stitch and traditional Continental or Basketweave stitch. The end effect is gorgeous and very well suited to Impressionists Art. This handsome book has original needlepoint designs using the art of Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh, Morisot, Renior, Pisarro and Cassat. (no ... More Info
Price: $26.00